Trend color 2020: terraccota
26 / 08 / 2020
Design & trends

And the Oscar for comeback of the year goes to… Terracotta color!
This complex red-orange color was popular around twenty years ago. Today it can be found in current collections of world-famous fashion houses, in the automotive industry and of course in our homes.

Trend color 2020: terraccota

The color of the „burnt earth“ is a symbol of the widespread fascination for natural colours and materials. Despite its intensity, terracotta can be combined with other colours and different styles easily. Furniture in this earthy tone becomes a lively accent in a cool Scandinavian interior. If you're brave enough, you can play with contrasts and combine terracotta with turquoise and deep blue. In order to intensify the coziness, other natural tones such as green or brown can be added.

It doesn't matter which effect you want to achieve — spice up your project with our PVC 3D foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL in two new colours: LIVING CORAL 03060 and NUDE CARAMEL 03059.

As a wall or ceiling color, terracotta creates comfort and warmth as well as a suitable background for other characterful materials. It's no wonder that burnt earth can be perfectly combined with our new burnt wood design — TRANSSILVANIA WOOD FIRE 90080. This complex hybrid decor is also available as a PVC 3D foil.


Terracotta is unique and versatile. This warm natural color has a calming effect, but it is definitely not boring. Still don't have terracotta in your collection? Now is the time to change that!


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