New solution for unwinding of protective foil
30 / 07 / 2021
Design & trends

Its task is to protect the wrapping material optimally.

However, the protective foil itself is also thermoplastic, thin, easy to deform and self-adhesive. The different qualities of the various adhesives are a common problem that lead to irregular unwinding. Often, this causes overstretching of the protective foil. Later, when the protective foil tightens, it does not completely cover the area that has to be protected - paving the way for unpleasant claims.

To prevent this problem and to increase quality as well as efficiency, Düspohl has developed a double unwinding station for protective foil. This new component makes sure that the force that is required to peel off the foil from the reel will be independent from the tape's own adhesiveness. This way, we guarantee a regular unwinding process and constantly low tension. So what's the result? The foil will neither be overstretched and nor will it re-tighten after few days.

New solution for unwinding of protective foil
Your advantages

  • steady unwinding process, independent from diameter and adhesiveness of the protective foil

  • increased process safety: protective foil will always cover the entire wrapped area

  • quality assurance and prevention of claims

  • reel changing during on-going production

  • also available as retrofit to optimise existing lines

  • application of a branded protective foils

Unwinding of protective foil Düspohl
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