Furniture trends 2021: the power of nature
15 / 04 / 2021
Design & trends

A return to a home in its most natural form

What furniture trends can we expect this year? One thing is certain: we will let nature move into our homes in 2021 again and focus on decors with natural, artful grain. Whether Nordic, elegant or rustic - natural woods are trendy, radiate warmth and can be combined in many ways. In combination with neutral or pastel colors, the structure of the wood is effectively accentuated and appear in different ways: The stronger the grain, the livelier the look.

Furniture trends 2021: the power of nature
Light wood and delicate pastel tones

Light nuances of wood are reminiscent of the long-running Scandinavian furnishings. In the future, however, the Nordic twist can be a little more casual: In combination with delicate pastel colors, woods look much fresher and radiate lightness. What is new is that so-called ice cream colors are no longer used sparingly as accents, but now also play a main role in the interior. Cleverly combined, soft pastel tones such as light rose, mint green or sky blue make rooms appear more spacious and exude joie de vivre. The larger they are used, the more intense their lightening effect.

Soft earth tones: subtly warming and elegant

Soft colors from light beige to camel create a calm and balanced atmosphere of wellbeing. Tone-in-tone or in slight gradations furnishings appear timeless and elegant. Warm earth tones are particularly recommended in the living room and bedroom - in rooms where you want to relax. More and more popular are becomming earth tones in combination with light woods: Soft earth tones effectively highlight the grain of elegant woods and take away the visual heaviness of  rustic surfaces in particular.

Even dark wood decors look extremely chic and stylish in combination with earth tones. In connection with a complex taupe, dark woods look noble and modern creating an intimate atmosphere. A brighter color like camel sets accents and gives interiors a touch of a glamorous appearance.

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