Trendy: Supermatt surfaces

One of the most important properties of supermatt surfaces is their tactility.

In order to create the perfect super matte finish State-of-the-art excimer technology is used. The foils have a classy appearance, are velvety to the touch and convey pleasant warm tactile sensations. In addition, supermatt surfaces have many functional advantages: they are durable, resistant to scratches and fingerprints, and are easy to clean.

Supermatt foils refine various surfaces and give finished prfoducts exclusivity and elegance. The IMAWELL collection features rich colors and muted pastel shades that complement each other perfectly.

MULTIMA by IMAWELL offers a wide range of matt and supermatt surfaces in different qualities:

Topline Pure- Supermatt PVC foils
Softline Pure - Supermatt PET-based foils
Evoline Pure - Supermatte PP foils
Decoline Setadur - Supermatt paper based foils

Are you interested in a super matte coating?

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