3D foils
3D foils

3D thermoformable foils are even suitable for difficult profile geometries with the smallest manufacturing tolerances and therefore offer versatile application options for the sophisticated refinement of furniture fronts, furniture elements and interior doors.

Our extensive range of designs, gloss levels and embossings meets every requirement and boasts outstanding material quality.

3D foils decor collection
Product groups of 3D foils

3D foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL may be categorised by base material and the special surface effects.
3D foils PVC

  • 3D foils PVC

    PVC foils with thicknesses of 250 to 500 µm are designed to cover three-dimensional surfaces by means of vacuum pressing. Our IMAWELL MULTIMA PVC 3D foils are applied mainly to the faces of kitchen and bathroom furniture.

    The range includes exclusive print designs as well as décors to match popular chipboard coatings produced by globally leading manufacturers. We are particularly proud of our extensive collection of a diversity of plain décors in trend-oriented colour combinations (CTAs).

  • 3D foils PET

    Hard PET - based, 3D thermorformable furniture foils offer an environmentally friendly alternative to 3D PVC foils without having to forego the excellent functional characteristics and processing properties. 3D PET foil surfaces ex-stock from IMAWELL may have super-matt velvety (Supermatt) or High-Gloss finishes.

Types of surfaces

  • Matt Line | Supermatt | Pearlmat

    All 3D foils IMAWELL MULTIMA are available with standard finish (Basic Line)
    or with smatt (Matt Line), super matt (Supermatt) or velvety matt (Pearlmat) finish. We would recommend 3D foils with an additional protective finish ("overlay") for products subject to increased stress.

  • High Gloss

    3D foils with a glossy surface. The surface is characterized by high scratch resistance, chemical resistance and a unique depth effect.

  • Lotus

    The unique surface finish of our 3D foils is the satin Lotus surface, which does not leave fingerprints. Lotus foils have a very durable surface, so they retain their original appearance for a long time.

Why are customers choosing our 3D foils?
  • One decor – unlimited possibilities
    We can produce all our decors not only as PVC or PET foils of a desired thickness but also in different qualities – such as finish foil or as polypropylene-based foil, for example. This allows our customers to implement even complex projects with identical designs and to choose the type of original material to suit its application.
  • Material of the future
    Performance and environmental properties undoubtedly render PET a material of the future. We at IMAWELL are impressed by the unique properties of PET foils and we firmly believe that their popularity in the coating materials market will continue to grow.
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive PET foils from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.