ABS edges
ABS edges

IMAWELL’s OPTIMA ABS polymer edges are made of impact-resistant, mechanically and thermally stable polymer to meet top quality standards. ABS is an easy-to-use, durable, environmentally friendly and reliable material.

ABS edges are highly resistant to wear and have proven themselves in the manufacture of products for rooms designed for intensive use, exhibiting high humidity or subject to significant fluctuations in temperature. ABS edges are generally used for the production of worktops, doors, front panels of cabinet furniture and of office furniture.

IMAWELL MULTIMA ABS edges come with factory-applied adhesive backing (primer) for optimal adhesion.

Why do customers opt for our ABS edges?
  • High-quality, rich gloss or matt colour finish
  • Will not fade (lightfast) or distort
  • Complete disposal possible – ABS will not burn or melt like PVC
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive ABS edges either from the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.