Topline | PVC foils
Topline | PVC foils

PVC foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL are high-quality coating materials based on hard polyvinyl chloride (PVC) without plasticisers. PVC foils are designed for autdoor applications and for finishing of furniture, doors, wall and ceiling panels, skirting boards, windowsills, flooring and other interior furnishings.

PVC foils decor collection
Product groups of PVC foils

PVC foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL may be categorised by designated use, processing technology or certain surface effects.

  • PVC Topline

    PVC foils with thicknesses of 100 to 200 µm are suitable for wrapping of profiles and to laminate smooth surfaces. The collection includes more than 100 decors for the production of interior doors, wall panels and furniture. Each decor is available in several shades of colour.

  • PVC Topline Window

    Innovative foils capable of withstanding strong environmental influences, ideal for laminating window profiles, facade elements, garage doors and interior doors. The film has high mechanical and chemical resistance and is resistant to UV radiation.
    Topline Window is suitable for built-in lamination in PVC or SPS extrusion processes and meets the requirements of RAL GZ 716.

  • PVC Topline Flooring

    Specially designed for use in private and public areas PVC foils easily withstand excessive mechanical stress and provide extremely high resistance to physical and chemical attack.

Types of surfaces

  • Pure | High Gloss

    All PVC foils IMAWELL MULTIMA are available with standard finish or with super matt (Pure) or high gloss finish. We would recommend PVC foils with an additional protective finish ("overlay") for products subject to increased stress.

  • Silky

    A Silky coating rendering fingerprints indistinguishable is another unique variant of our PVC foil finish. Our Silky quality foil has another surprising feature – its ability to regenerate its surface. End customers may also remove minor scratches and accidental damage themselves by gentle heating of the affected area. These properties render Silky PVC foils the ideal material for the production of kitchen fronts.

Why do customers opt for our PVC foils?
  • A variety of decors and surfaces
    The IMAWELL range includes a wide selection of PVC decor foils: plain, wood, fantasy, stone or textile. Foil surfaces are available as smooth or deeply embossed, super matt or high gloss.
  • One decor – unlimited possibilities
    We can produce all our decors not only as PVC foils of a desired thickness but also in different qualities – such as finish foil or as polypropylene-based foil, for example. This allows our customers to implement even complex projects with identical designs and to choose the type of original material to suit its application.
  • High-quality material
    Our foils are made of hard PVC without plasticisers. This means that the material will be easy to process and storage will be possible for longer periods of time without sacrificing quality. You will notice the absence of "chemical" smells and of oily films when working with PVC foil MULTIMA by IMAWELL. Our PVC foils also boast excellent coverage and will closely adhere to the edges of products, thereby also accentuating these.
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive PVC foils from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.