Decoline | Paper-based foils
Decoline | Paper-based foils

Decoline paper-based foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL are high-quality, decorative coating materials based on special lightfast and resin impregnated paper. The material is highly resistant to external effects since its surface is protected by a finishing coating (varnish). Finish foils are used in the finishing of furniture, interior doors, wall panels and other interior furnishings.

Decoline | PAP
Product groups of Decoline foils

Paper-based foils Decoline may be categorised by production technology and application.

  • Decoline Eco

    The decorative paper coating Decoline Eco is an unbleached kraft paper coated with inorganic materials and a decorative surface finishing. The coating Decoline Eco is available in the collection MULTIMA by IMAWELL - in a wide range from trendy monochrome to wood decors with natural wood embossing.

  • Decoline Master

    Decoline Master is a pre-impregnated paper-based and lacquered quality finish foil. The material is highly elastic and is used to finish wall panels, interior doors, furniture, skirting boards and other interior furnishings.

  • Decoline Basic

    Decoline Basic describes semi-impregnated materials with primed surfaces to use for high-quality decorative printing. It is used predominantly in the creation of wall panels, cabinet rear panels and other interior furnishings.

  • Decoline Post

    Decoline Post is a post-impregnated finish foil. It is a paper-based foil that is impregnated after decor printing. Density and stiffness render the material suitable for interior furnishings subject to intensive use.

  • Decoline Setadur

    Decoline Setadur is a unique decorative coating by Imawell for the refinement of flat and profiled surfaces in solid colours. The coating is characterised by its elegant silky-soft surface and resistance to micro-scratches, while being flexible at the same time. Thanks to the Excimer technology, the surface is extremely matte and resistant to glossy stains, providing an anti-fingerprint effect.

Why are customers choosing our finish foils?
  • A variety of decors and surfaces
    IMAWELL offers a wide range of print decors with finish effects to realistically represent wood, textiles or stone, even concrete. The collection also, in addition to finishing foils with standard smooth surfaces, includes decors with synchronous 3D reliefs, also super matt foils.
  • One decor – unlimited possibilities
    We can produce all our decors not only as finishing foils, but also in different qualities – for example as 2D PVC foils or 3D PVC or polypropylene foils. This allows our customers to implement even complex projects with identical designs and to choose the type of original material to suit its application.
  • Targeted solutions
    You are sure to find a product among our range of finishing foils Decoline to closely match your ideas, production technology, end product and target group. All our products offer excellent value for money.

The FSC® label means that materials used for the product have been responsibly sourced. Ask for our FSC®- certified finish foils made MULTIMA by IMAWELL of sustainable wood.

Where can I buy?

To order inexpensive Decoline foils with finish effect you may contact our the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.