PO (APAO) / EVA hotmelt adhesives
PO (APAO) / EVA hotmelt adhesives

IMAWELL’s NOVIMA hotmelt adhesives are made from a mixture of thermoplastic polymers and are water- and solvent-free. The type of adhesive may be selected to meet your requirements for thermal resistance, production speed and the type of equipment used. The main fields of application for hotmelt adhesives Novima.therm include wrapping of profiles and furniture edges as well as lamination of surfaces.

Product groups of hot melt adhesives

  • PO (APAO) based hotmelt adhesives

    Polyolefin-based hotmelt adhesives are particularly suitable for wrapping of wood and plastic profiles. This type of adhesive boasts high thermal stability and long open times.

  • EVA hotmelt adhesives

    The adhesives in this series are ideally suited for wrapping of wood and plastic profiles as well as for edging during furniture production. This type of adhesive is characterised by excellent bonding properties and short curing times.

Why do customers opt for our PO (APAO) / EVA hotmelt adhesives?
  • Water- and solvent-free
  • High thermal stability
  • Excellent bonding properties
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive EVA or PO hotmelt adhesives from either our IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.