Hot-pressed fleece
Hot-pressed fleece

Fleece for hot pressing and for veneer reinforcement is used for flexible bonding and to reinforce large veneer layers. This flexible material is essential when manufacturing veneered doors, moulded plywood and wrapping veneers.

Our hot-pressed fleeces come with factory-applied adhesive to assist in speeding up and streamlining your production processes. The fleece will accurately bond to the veneer when the adhesive coating is heated under a press – no additional adhesive required. This process will save time and additional production costs. The temperature and pressure of the press will ensure that the bonded surfaces are exceptionally resistant to heat and water. The homogeneous adhesive coating will prevent penetration of water and solvents and the veneer reinforcement fleece will optimally protect the material from cracking and breaking in the course of further processing.

Why do customers opt for our hot press fleece?
  • A combination of high material flexibility and high reinforcing properties
  • Good bonding of the factory-applied adhesive coating
  • A wide range of colours and sizes to select from
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive hot-pressed fleece from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.