Evoline | PP foils
Evoline | PP foils

Evoline foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL are high-quality polypropylene-based coating materials. Our foils are multi-layered, with the top layer (overlay) protected by an acrylic lacquer coating hardened by electron beam irradiation. PP foils are used as coatings for furniture, interior doors, wall panels and other interior furnishings and in the production of floor coverings.

Collection of PP foils decors
Types of PP foils

Evoline foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL may be categorised by designated use or certain surface effects.

  • Evoline Soft

    PP foil in thicknesses of 120 or 140 micron. Designed to embellish a diverse range of furnishings such as furniture, interior doors and wall panels. Items coated with this material are particularly resistant to everyday use – surfaces will resist wear and shrug off wet cleaning, thereby guaranteed to preserve their attractive appearance well into the future.

  • Evoline Pure

    Supermatt PP foil combines excellent haptic and visual properties with an anti-fingerprint effect. The film is manufactured using Excimer technology, which makes the surface extremely resistant to abrasion and micro-scratches.

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  • Evoline Flooring

    PP foil in thicknesses of 200 to 300 micron. Intended for the production of exceptionally durable flooring (class 34 abrasion resistance). Our Evoline Flooring floors, unlike other artificial floors, will maintain their authentic appearance and boast a number of features to significantly increase durability, such as increased resistance to scratches, abrasion, chemical agents and staining, not to mention excellent resistance to moisture.

Why do customers opt for our Evoline PP foils?
  • Unique aesthetics
    Our plain and printed PP foil decors boast a special aesthetic expressed in their high-resolution print, nuanced colours and elegant surface effects. Acrylic coatings render the foil surfaces pleasant to the touch, non-slip and warm. These unique properties of IMAWELL's Evoline PP foils enable our customers to produce their products economically and to effectively position them on the market as products that are markedly distinguished from the competition.
  • Absolute premium quality
    Japanese thoroughness in the production of polypropylene foils guarantees impeccable and consistently high product quality. Our customers have been processing Evoline PP foil for more than 20 years and with no reason for complaint!
  • Practical solution
    Evoline PP foil is particularly resistant to wear. The foil surface will not tear and boasts high resistance to abrasion, thereby ensuring that your product will retain its original appearance for many years.
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive Evoline polypropylene foils from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.