Softline | PET foils
Softline | PET foils

Softline foil MULTIMA by IMAWELL is an innovative, environmentally friendly coating material based on extruded polyethylene terephthalate. PET foil boasts a particularly homogeneous surface and is designated for finishing of furniture, kitchen fronts, interior doors and other furnishings.

Collection of PET foils decors
Product groups of PET foils

PET foils MULTIMA by IMAWELL may be categorised by designated use, processing technology and specific surface effects.

  • PET Softline Supermatt

    PET Supermatt foils are suitable for 2D lamination of flat surfaces and wrapping of profiled mouldings. The perfectly smooth supermatt surfaces of Softline Supermatt foils MULTIMY by IMAWELL impress not only by their aesthetic appearance, but also by their unique tactile properties with anti-fingerprint effect.

  • PET Softline High Gloss

    PET High Gloss foils are special quality materials for projects with a super-glossy look. The environmentally preferable Softline foils have a particularly homogeneous, smooth surface and depth of color, they are easy to process and highly functional.

Why do customers opt for our PET foils?
  • Material of the future
    Performance and environmental properties undoubtedly render PET a material of the future. We at IMAWELL are impressed by the unique properties of PET foils and we firmly believe that their popularity in the coating materials market will continue to grow. PET foils are also known in Europe as sheet-lacquer laminates since they are an alternative to lacquered surfaces.
  • Modern colour shades of all qualities
    IMAWELL's stock range includes PET foils for 2D and 3D application in modern plain decors ranging from classic white and beige tones to trendy dark green and deep blue. All plain decors are available in a super-matt velvety look leaving no fingerprints and also with surfaces in high-gloss, appearing as if the decor was under a glass cover.
  • Simple processing and handling
    IMAWELL PET foils meet top quality standards and both 2D and 3D qualities are easy to recycle. The relatively small window of processing temperatures will minimise errors and increase production speed. Internal elements coated with IMAWELL MULTIMA PET foils are particularly resistant to scratching, dirt and chemical attack, rendering them ideal for everyday use.
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive PET foils from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.