PUR reactive hotmelt adhesives
PUR reactive hotmelt adhesives

IMAWELL’s NOVIMA polyurethane (PUR) based reactive hotmelt adhesives will guarantee maximum adhesive strength. This is achieved by chemical reaction between the adhesive system and moisture in the bonded materials and the environment, taking place as the liquid adhesive also physically cures.

Our PUR hotmelt adhesives are extremely heat- and water-resistant and will ensure perfect adhesion – as demanded for hard-wearing plastic surfaces of furniture, for wall and ceiling panels or for indoor and outdoor window elements, for example. All Novima.therm PUR hotmelt adhesives may be applied either by roller or using slot nozzles.

The range includes hot melt adhesives for the lamination of PVC window and aluminum profiles that meet the technical requirements of RAL-GZ 716.

Why do customers opt for our PUR reactive hotmelt adhesives?
  • Extremely heat- and water-resistant
  • Ensure perfect adhesion
  • Applied either by roller or using slot nozzles
Where can I buy?

You may order inexpensive PUR reactive hotmelt adhesives from either the IMAWELL warehouse in Düsseldorf, Germany.