NOVIMA adhesives
NOVIMA adhesives

Specialised hotmelt adhesives based on PO (APAO) or EVA are ideally suited for wrapping of interior components and furniture edges as well as for lamination of surfaces.

Polyurethane (PUR) based reactive hotmelt adhesives boast high adhesive strength and long shelf life. Adhesives in this group have become indispensable in the construction, woodworking and furniture industries.

Environmentally friendly dispersion adhesives offer excellent price/performance ratios whilst simultaneously also reducing production costs.

Water-based dispersion adhesives are widely used in the coating of 3D blanks via vacuum pressing. Adhesives of this type have a proven track record, especially in the processing of high-gloss foils.

Surface bonding is now unthinkable without bonding agents, hardeners, cleaning agents and solvents. As the specialist for profile wrapping, we can supply you with not only the right adhesives but also the appropriate additional components.