Creative interior doors: color design for an individual home

Interior doors are not only functional elements in our home, but can also become an important design element.

In addition to the classic white, more and more colored interior doors can be found, which enhance a room in a very special way. Colored interior doors often serve as an accent and create a contrast to the surrounding walls or blend harmoniously into the overall picture. The choice of color depends on various factors, such as individual taste, interior design style and the desired effect.

Inspiration for colorful design ideas

White interior doors are the evergreen - they are timeless, elegant and versatile. They exude brightness and purity and make a room look larger. White doors go well with a variety of interior styles, from classic to modern to Scandinavian. White interior doors create a neutral base that allows different color accents and decor elements in the room to stand out.

A trendy option is interior doors in bold colors such as dark blue, pine green, rich red or anthracite. These colors can instantly add more character to a room and create a certain depth and drama. They work particularly well in modern and minimalist interiors, where they act as eye-catchers.

For a more subtle effect, delicate tones of cream, mint green, light blue or light gray are suitable. These colors give a room a soft and airy atmosphere and can develop their full effect especially in rooms with a lot of daylight. They go well with a Scandinavian or romantic interior style and create an inviting and friendly atmosphere.

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